Prayer and meditation as well as corporate worship.

Dear reader, in my previous blog I have mentioned a tactic that has worked well with me in keeping a good sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. I hope you are enjoying the same experiences by going on long walks as well and finding the benefits of those walks as I have in the last 7 years.

As I mentioned in my previous blog wearing my Fitbit has been a game changer in the ability to track my heart rate.

I would like to share with you some surprising numbers that I have found during prayer and meditation as well as in corporate worship at church.

I always suspected that taking time to be quiet and relaxing would be good for your body. Only in the last few years have I truly discovered the biofeedback that actually matches what I believed in real black and white data.

I truly found this quite by accident in the data itself. I am NOT a scientist however I am very curious and I know that this is one of the qualities that most good scientists have. I am more curious to find out what other discoveries have been found by just tracking data and in looking at the data points.

A helpful tool that I would like to share with you is find a belief system that you can stand behind wholeheartedly.

Finding something that is solid ground in this world is very difficult. I believe that prayer and meditation is much like mortar on Brick. I believe it helps fill in a metaphysical gap that we have between the body and the spirit. The human condition is riddled with struggle and belief and faith is difficult to come by. In the last 7 years when I have released myself to a greater cause and turned my worries and problems over to that it has metaphysically changed the way I feel. It is with my highest recommendation that you look at Christianity as a potential pathway to your peace.

In deconstructing my life I have had to discover that it is important to hold on to something that is true. Christianity is a belief system that is full of common and universal truths that I can hang my hat on. I believe that by giving oneself over to a higher power and relinquishing your fears you are in an essence handing over the keys to the car.

Many times during the last 7 years I have struggled with faith and have had to turn to my higher power which is God. That higher power has given me constant piece that I have grown into understanding.

If you are struggling to find balance in your life it is with my highest recommendation that you say a simple prayer and ask Jesus to come into your heart. This simple act has been one that has been life changing. Having a belief system is important having the right one is even more important. Take the time to discover that prayer and meditation can really make a difference in your life.

Going for long walks in a green space or working in a garden will lower your heart rate.

So far if you’ve been following my blog I’ve been deconstructing my life in sharing with you some of the gems that have helped me live a better quality life. Some of the highlights have been I have decided two fast two days a week and drink more pure water. Another complete game changer that has helped me focus my mind is getting outdoors and gardening or walking in green spaces at least once if not twice per week.

One pattern that I have noticed about myself during the last 7 years of real change has been the winter time is a time that certainly affects my mind body and spirit. Living in the Midwest we have a common known side effect called seasonal affective disorder. This seasonal affective disorder affects most people because of the long gray winter days and not enough sunlight and vitamin D. These types of days will make some people feel melancholy. I was one of these people that suffered from that seasonal affective disorder is well.

In deconstructing my life over the last 7 years I’ve learned one valuable lesson about myself. That during the long gray winter months it was important to surround myself with the color green. Of course it’s a no-brainer green is the color of life and on a very physical level it does something for me and on a very spiritual level it does something for me as well.

During one of my long walks in Naperville along the River Walk I discovered that even during the winter time there is beauty to be seen. These walks are ones that are best had during the summer time in during that time I have often had the opportunity for prayer and meditation. During these quiet moments I have had the opportunity to center myself.

It’s amazing to me who you will meet when you are open to finding a new friend. During one of these walks I ran into a guy by the name of Bill. Bill and I were really just two guys that were on a first name basis never really said anything more about who we were but just talked about the day and small chit chat all the time. After quite a few times running into Bill there on that walk down by the river Bill and I got to become good and close friends.

He was someone that shared a lot of common beliefs about life.  For the last 7 years me and Bill became very close friends. I understand now more about his philosophy because of the type of work that he’s chosen to do. Bill said that he could never work inside of an office in that working inside of an office made him feel like he was going to die.

After getting to know Bill for a long time he explained to me the reason came down to the River Walk was because he needed some peace and quiet and a chance to balance his mind. After I got to know Bill He was very open about the type of work that he did and I guess it came as no surprise to find out that he would have an outdoors job that wouldn’t be in an office in the form of the four corners that he had been accustomed to and wanted to leave.

Bill said he started his own business 10 years ago Naperville Tree Trimming and he’s never looked back.  He says he likes coming down to the river walk because he gets a chance to look at his work that is done and it also gives them a chance to review some of the changes that he would like to make.

It’s amazing to see the type of people that you meet in the outdoors and on walks like this. Again you’re connecting with people that are very like minded and Bill was no exception to that rule. Over a six month period I wore my Fitbit that measures my blood pressure while on a walk near the river. During the days and times that I took the walk there was a remarkable difference of my blood pressure and heart beat per minute.

The biofeedback data was real and during the times of prayer and meditation my heart rate would lower significantly. It is a well-known fact that a relaxed heart is one that will last much longer than someone that is very tense with extremely high blood pressure. It didn’t take any more convincing to me to believe that these walks in green spaces would benefit me long term.

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Bill and I meet at the River Walk rain sleet snow or shine for our tri-weekly infusion of green space walk and meditation.

Deciding the type of water you drink for your bio feedback will make a difference on your heavy metals.

The other significant change that I have made in the last 7 years is deciding to drink high quality water. Something I will share with you later in my blog completely changed the way that I think about the quality of water that we must consume in order to stay healthy. In short there were at least two years of my life that I was exposed to some sort of heavy metal contaminants while stationed with the Marine Corps. Quickly it convince me that I needed to change a few things about my life. Drinking good clean high quality water free of lead and all other heavy minerals has been a benefit to me as it has allowed me to have more clarity of thought. It’s a well-known and documented fact that our bodies are made 70% of water. It would stand to reason that drinking good high quality water and plenty of it every single day would mean a lot to the furtherance of our own brain power and own personal well-being.

This philosophy of drinking from a pure well and the physical of drinking from pure water has been to roads that have closely paralleled themselves in my life. Understanding that the consumption of what we consume and where it comes from is important to us and what we become. We are what we eat and we are what we drink.

Taking personal responsibility for everything that I consume has been one of the absolute game changers in my own personal life.

It’s a well-known fact that plants need water that is well balanced with pH. If you ever tried to grow a plant and you’ve ever seen. It could be that it doesn’t have good pH in its water. Our bodies react very much the same way when we don’t have a good balance in them as well.

It has always been interesting to me to see the evolution that is taking place in my own personal life from drinking tap water as a young child, to drinking prepackaged bottled water by the case 16.9 ounces 24 bottles to the pack. Now the evolution is nearly complete with one 5 gallon water bottle that is continuously refilled at a water cooler from a very pure fountain.

In the beginning this water was only used for the consumption of drinking water. But soon after finding the quality is very admirable I have decided to use it for cooking as well as every other thing that we use water in the home for.


Understanding the biology of your family and how it plays into your overall physical and mental health.

The purpose of this blog is to really look at the biology of how our life is supposed to be lived. And if we do not bend to the rule of the universe the Vendetta will be poor health so biondetta is supposed to be a complete reminder of following the laws of the universe to maintain perfect balance.

It has been said that the Master will appear when the student is ready. I feel as if my entire life I have not been ready to be the student until very recently.

It is taking an immense amount of concentration and effort to really get in contact with who I am and what my purpose is in life.

I only found it through reverse engineering my life. I have been able to uncover some of the things that have been systematically destroying my ability to be successful in life. Again biondetta is more about understanding your biology and how it ties into the natural universe and if you do not tap into that the consequences is a vendetta against your own personal well-being. It is absolutely paramount that we better ourselves and work towards a worthy goal.

In the last 7 years I have continuously been on a journey to eat and drink better and healthier quality foods. During this journey of purification my mind has healed and my body has healed as well. The consequences of this hard determination to eat healthy and to have healthy thoughts have had enormous payoffs in my personal life.

Some of the benefits that I’ve experienced in the last 7 years besides clarity of mind has been a significant maintenance of my weight and an overall well-being and fitness. During this blog I will deconstruct my life and then reconstruct my life.

In the last few weeks I turned 40 years old so seven years ago I would have been exactly 33.

Turning 40 has given me an opportunity to reflect over now the halfway point of my life. Looking over the last 7 years of decisions that I have made in eating drinking and in spiritual training I believe have been some of the strongest years of growth that I have experienced.

Of course not every day has been perfect and some days it had set backs. Looking at my life feels like the ocean understanding that there’s an ebb and flow even to the most powerful force that is here on earth gives me peace of mind when I have those minor setbacks.

Now the last seven years has been a gradual coming to a better sense of health. Where I was 7 years ago is not where I’m at today. It has been a long immense journey of Education conversations and trial and error.

Deconstructing my life and in the last 7 years I would have to say that one of the most significant changes has been that I have decided to fast at least two days a week. This idea was relatively foreign to me with the exception being that I had a super spiritual grandfather that would at times fast during difficult problems and challenges in his life to get clarity on which direction to go.

Fasting 2 days a week usually includes abstaining from meat and other forms of carbohydrates and proteins. Particularly during these days I like to supplement with a juice or plenty of water. It really has felt like my body has gotten a total reset during the days I fast. I find the day after that fast I have so much more clarity and feel as if my body has been cleansed.

Fasting is something to consider under the direction of your physician. I have the time when fasting had decided that this was a healthy experience in change for my own self. You will need to do the same and I would suggest minor fasting starting with fasting perhaps one meal a day.

Building up to this is something that can be done relatively easy as long as you are hydrating regularly with water or some types of juices that would have some sort of sugar or glucose to keep your blood levels up and to a normal level.


Introduction to Biondetta

Biondetta was born out of the ideas that your biology must be followed first or the Vendetta of unnatural circumstances that you employ will come back to have long-term health consequences.

This is my personal biondetta blog designed to be a warning to others and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In many ways it’s the cautionary tale of a Midwestern diet gone bad. It’s important to understand who I am. Born in the Midwest part of the clean plate club eating meat and potatoes it’s been pretty much a regular steady diet. Beef chicken or pork the holy tree of the Midwest. The idea of fish in the Midwest is just a tantalizing idea on the earth if you will. Any larger quantities of fish only needed to be fried never blackened, never sautéed, never steamed, or baked, or anything in any way healthy.

My name is Brian Bohemian better known to my friends as BB. My family heritage keeps me in strong German and Midwestern cooking; strudels, pies, pastas, and beef are all a normal part of a fatty high starch diet.

From a very early age my biology had predetermined that I would have challenges in the weight and healthy BMI arena. It wasn’t long at age 5 that I entered that arena and lost miserably to poor eating choices. Growing up middle class doesn’t mean you have to eat poor. However when you grow up with middle class people that only have a very narrow window of diets this is one of the things that you have to look out for, early triggers that could lead to early unhealthy habits.

At age 5 I was completely unaware that the decisions that I would make even at that young age would affect me for the rest of my life.

For the most part I do believe children have no concept of how to eat healthy. It is contingent upon the parents and the people that they are to raise fun to learn, healthy eating habits for a good lifestyle.

At age 5 I was often allowed to eat whatever I wanted to eat. I was someone that really enjoyed salty foods, meats, and cheeses. Of course who wouldn’t these are all high fat consumables. Between eating diets like that and high-fat stuffed school lunches I was set on a path to early childhood obesity.

Later in this blog biondetta I will get into more of the metaphysical as well as the biological that I have started to allude to at this point.

This blog is designed for people to experience a life lived as someone that has struggled with the yo-yo of an up and down diet as well as the yo-yo of trying to find a good mental and physical balance.

Please join me through this discovery of finding the perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit. Join me with transparency and strive for growth through my struggles.