Audi Q5


Q5 is the new mix between a luxurious compact vehicle with enough size to be an SUV. The Q5 comes with it’s amazing luxurious interior and has great acceleration. It has a sliding rear seat which allows some neat capabilities. Audi with this model has refined the driving style which makes it feel great to drive. This car was designed to be beautiful without drawing too much attention and of course comes with all-wheel drive.

The Q5 is known to ride a little firm compared to some competitors. It lacks some of the advanced controls other luxury brands; such as USB connectivity or accident avoidance technology. Also there is no diesel model with this vehicle. It does however sport a panoramic sunroof. Overall this vehicle handles like a sports car looks and feels like a luxury sedan. All-wheel-drive make it great in any weather condition. And being a small SUV get you plenty of space for passengers or other cargo.

This vehicle comes standard with a 220 horsepower 4 cylinder engine. As far as gas mileage goes 20 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway is about average in its class. There is a hybrid available which increases the mileage to 24 mpg City and 30 on the highway. You will however be paying for that upgrade, about $12,000.

Audi has some great technology in this vehicle. Wi-Fi is available for up to eight mobile devices which is pretty neat and useful for long car rides. It is known that the controls can be a little complicated though not necessarily the most user-friendly.

To end on a good note as far as cargo space goes 57.3 cubic feet of cargo space is above the average for other cars in its class. It has a wider opening for the trunk and a low load floor which makes it easier to load it up.